Incubatrici Borotto Biomaster

ISO 22196:2011

Our products incorporating BIOMASTER protection are the only ones that have been tested in accordance with the ISO 22196: 2011 standard to demonstrate its antimicrobial efficacy. The environmental conditions, in terms of temperature and humidity that occur inside the machine, to ensure the best results during the incubation and hatching phases, are also ideal for the development of harmful bacteria such as Salmonella, Campylobacter, Staphylococcus, Legionella, Escherichia coli, etc. … The consequent cross-contamination of embryos and premature mortality of the chicks are among the main causes of poor hatching results. To reduce the risk of cross-contamination by these harmful bacteria, the ABS material is supplemented with BIOMASTER, the antibacterial technology manufactured by Addmaster UK Ltd. BIOMASTER silver ion technology has been widely used for many years in medicine, hospital and hospital applications. laboratory around the world. The gradual release of silver ions provides safe and effective protection against the growth of bacteria. The proven effectiveness of BIOMASTER allows to obtain significant increases in hatching results (estimated on average at + 20/25%). BIOMASTER is added directly into the ABS plastic material at the time of industrial molding, providing antibacterial action throughout the life of the components.


Borotto has gone proudly beyond the conventional approach to innovation and its already consolidated reputation in terms of performance, adding further value to its offer and arriving before anyone else: Borotto incubators were the first in the world to obtain c-UL-us certification.
UL (, one of the most prestigious global certifying bodies, guarantees products allowed to use its mark in the field of reliability, protection and sustainability, in order to meet expectations of quality and performance, as well as ensuring regulatory compliance.

References of the UL certification: E501418
USA: UL-US-2007964-0
CANADA: UL-CA-2005966-0

Incubatrici Borotto Certificazione UL
Incubatrici Borotto Certificazione TUV


Borotto quality: this is how we understand it.

Borotto ensures the growth and success of its products through the innovative design idea of its machines and the constant, meticulous search for the most reliable materials and technologies for their manufacturer.

Borotto quality: this is how we guarantee it.

Respect for the faith placed in the Brand brought the need to confirm the strict daily operating methods and attention to Quality through ISO 9001 Certification, which Borotto obtained from one of the most accomplished European certifying bodies.